Thursday, September 23, 2010

Iphone Again?

JDPower has released their Anuual customer satisfaction research staring Apple as the Award Recipient for the forth consecutive year.

Being an Android fan I was kinda surprised, I mean, HTC and Motorola has released great phones that seemed to take some of the market share for the last couple months.
 No surprise about the Iphone battery though. 

And Then I found the following:
"...The studies were fielded between January and June 2010".
In a way we did not see the results of the "Iphone 4 vs Droid X vs Incredible and Evo" war yet since the study has finished only in June.
The interesting thing is Motorola's and HTC's Impact on the market. They were following Apple not so far behind with results just a bit bellow 800 (out of 1000).

Original message on JDPower

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