Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Motorola expanding it's Droid collection for Verizon

I think that it safe to say that , Android wise, Verizon was the most innovative company this year; providing great phones from HTC and Motorola . Verizon was seeking to provide more and more Android solutions to the public.

Verizon continues on that course with Motorola and announces the latest phone in the Droid series- The Droid Pro.

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As you see the phone has a QWERTY keyboard but not as the Droid 2 that has a slide-out keyboard.
The phone will have some of the following:

-1 GHz processor
-3.1-inch touchscreen display
-2 GB internal memory
-2 GB micro-SD card included
-5 megapixel auto-focus camera with dual-LED flash
-3G mobile hotspot capabilities.
-Android 2.2
-1420 mAh battery (1860 mAh extended life battery available)

This phone looked great and it seems that it could be a great solution for business and private owners.
In addition I am glad that Motorola is becoming more innovative in this field and does not only stick to the "screen phone" idea.

Original press release of Motorola

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