Friday, October 29, 2010

The fast and the furious - The galaxy S running on 1.6 MHZ CPU speed

Believe it or not (I don't) , the Vibrant was successfuly overclocked to a a whopping speed of 1.6 MHZ making it the fastest Android phone today and maybe also the hottest (imagine the heat coming out of this phone).

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Some additional screen shots were posted for you see, the links will be posted in the bottom of the posts.

An interesting fact that I would like to mention is that in the Lime pack benchmark the score was as follows:
As a result I would like to raise the following questuions?
1. Why should I buy a Galaxy phone if the score on my Nexus One is 35.56?   :)
2. Big hacker guys, at least upload an add free screen shot.... rofl.

Anyway check out the scores on AndroidSpin
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